Even larger SMEs or smaller large companies demand a professional real estate competency. Often, however, the companies are too small in order to build up their own Real Estate / Facility Management department, or the job is not attractive enough for highly skilled workers. Here we offer a complete solution for the client and ensure the user requirements and/or owner's trust concerns. On the one hand the client receives professional, highly qualified real estate experts, and on the other hand we offer an integrated data management.


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Organisation and Project Support

We offer professional competent support for your internal corporate or public real estate organisation in day-to-day business and will straighten out your peak capacity through flexible application of our Real Estate Professionals. We support your complex project with various role profiles, from project coach to assumption of project direction and responsibility.

Contract management

We direct your lease agreements and FM contracts and ensure proper and professional rendering of services. In doing so we always keep costs in mind and continuously optimize your processes and contracts. We initiate renewals of contracts in a timely manner, initiate procurement projects support you in the tendering process or conduct contract negotiations on your behalf.

Data / Document Management

We update all property data for the client on our IT software. In this way the client ensures that the data is professionally handled from construction or purchase through the management phase. We assumed the continuous updating of building and allocation plans, financial key figures, contract information, status reports and assessments. The client can access the data online at any time.

Real Estate Monitoring / Performance Check

We continuously capture the operating data of properties and check for data consistency and outliers. Based on the data pool we present the building in comparison to market data. This includes financial, surface, and energy data. We offer consolidated data reports for real estate portfolios.