The FM Outsourcing Project "Scirocco" of Swisscom Immobilien was realised within barely a year. This is a yearly volume of over 50 Billion Euros. A total of 277 employees were transferred. Swisscom has over 3'600 properties which includes subsidiaries to data centres. At the same time a reorganisation was conducted within Swisscom in which Asset and Portfolio Management and Real Estate Management were separated.


  • Project coaching for Swisscom
  • Revision of SLA, Processes and role descriptions
  • Implementation and assessment in the evaluation process
  • Organisation recommendations for Swisscom internally
  • Creation of the implementation team
  • Development of a contract proposal
  • Control and monitoring of the external providers
  • Accompaniment of the personnel transfer, development of the framework conditions
  • Quality assurance and monitoring
  • Creation of KPI systems with Bonus / Malus regulations
  • Definition of the services for third-party service recipients
  • Accompaniment and control of the project communication
  • Development of project documents for trade union talks

Customer benefits

  • On-time outsourcing
  • Implementation in 2 phases (Block Move, Transition)
  • guaranteed operation for all properties
  • high cost savings (above expectations)
  • Business oriented Facility Management
  • Standards in processes and services
  • the service products exist for the end client
  • sleek but efficient client organisation