The REIP for the integration of business properties in Siemens Real Estate promoted resources and know-how with the SRE. After completion of Phase 1 of the project (Baselining) the next step was the development of the Location Management Concept which represents the basis for the implementation. RESO was commissioned to do the development of a well-founded Location Management Concept (LMC) and its implementation in the pilot countries as well as with the know-how transfer between the countries. The following countries were impacted by the first roll-out: Germany, UK, Sweden, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, India, China, Japan, Australia, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela


  • Development of a first Location Management Concept
  • Concept test at 3 production locations in Europe
  • Adaptation and completion of the concept based in the experience collected
  • Implementation of the worldwide roll out
  • Worldwide implementation of the concept and coordination

Customer benefits

  • Standardized FM Organisation for all countries
  • Modular contract system
  • Transparent service awarding and responsibilities
  • Uniform and standardized SLA - can be adapted to additional countries
  • Contractually specified measurement of the SLA level and resulting cost benchmark under the countries