Based on the study conducted in 2005 Max Dudler, Architect BSA, Zurich was equipped with a general planner mandate. In April 2008, the planning application for Construction Field 1 was made. With the demanding mixed use - retail, offices, school - a user friendly and efficient operation should be developed. Through the project monitoring, RESO Partners achieved the timely preparation of the operating concept and sub-concepts as well as the clarification of interfaces between areas A10, A20 and A30 with the optimal design of the operation with their contribution to the project.


  • Monitoring of the existing pre and construction project with regard to FM aspects (Construction Project Monitoring)
  • Planning accompaniment and monitoring in the technical and logistical aspects
  • Creation of an FM operating concept and sub-concepts
  • Clarification of interfaces between the sub areas Mail/Office (A10), school (A20) and Bank (A30)
  • Conceptual and strategic consulting of the project management
  • Optimisation of the later operational procedures and costs
  • Quality assurance

Customer benefits

  • Construction project monitoring and realise construction optimisations with regard to FM operation
  • Project accompanying FM consulting with constant monitoring of planning adjustments with a focus on the use phase and the operating costs
  • Optimized equipment through monitoring and recommendation from the viewpoint of the maintenance and operation with relevant material, system, and product selection
  • Operating concept and sub-concepts adjusted to the occupiers
  • High level of user satisfaction in the set-up phase and in operation