After the revision of a competition project MAX Dudler architects were commissioned with a general planner mandate at the beginning of 2007. After a pre-project Construction Field A was expanded to a general construction project until April, 2008. On the ground floor retail trade and gastronomy are planned. Above this is the campus place of the Pedagogical University. A good 2/3 of Construction Field A was used by the Pedagogical University. RESO Partners AG was commissioned on behalf of the future tenants , the PHZH, with a construction accompanying FM Mandate. The RESO services included a construction project review In an initial project step. Based on this "FM Check" an opinion was written and reference was made to relevant FM topics, resp. requirements on the construction. The creation of an operational concept for the PHZH followed in an additional project step. This concept regulates the interface to the owner, describes significant operational processes like for example supply and disposal, cleaning, delivery, and offers a basis for the contractual negotiations with the owner.


  • Monitoring of the existing project with regard to FM aspects (Construction Project Monitoring)
  • Planning accompaniment and monitoring in the technical and logistical aspects
  • Creation of an FM operating concept
  • Development of various sub-concepts (i.e. cleaning, disposal, delivery)
  • Participation in planning meetings and review of the documents
  • Optimisation of the later operational procedures and costs

Customer benefits

  • Construction project monitoring and realise construction optimisations with regard to FM operation
  • Comprehensive operations concept
  • Organisation development with detailed qualitative and quantitative personnel resource requirements
  • Structured operator processes
  • Sub-concepts cleaning, disposal