The company Mobimo Management Ltd intends a site development in Kriens, Luzern -Süd with the aim to develop the existing land and to undergo a new use. In future the usage of the area is intended to be mixed (residential, office, retail), with the aim to transform itself into an attractive neighborhood. The site development takes place at three construction sites Mattenhof I'II and the Mattenhof Sternmatt - building field. It is planned to create a "microcosm", to develop a new center o Lucerne-South. These include the realization of six buildings and two sublevel garages as well as the increase of the parking garage.


Areal- and object-specific inspections of construction plans

  • realisation of detailed FM-plan and concept tests
  • elaboration of planning-relevant optimization proposals from an operational perspective

Areal- & operating cost estimation

  • Development of the areal- and operating cost estimates, including LCC view
  • Development of an allocation formula to the cost units areal owner, properties owner and tenants

Areal- and operating concept

  • Developing of overarching complex concept and operational concepts for each building and development of diverse subconcepts (disposal etc.)

Customer Benefit

  • Operational optimization of the site and the respective objects from FM - view
  • formulation of FM requirements for planning
  • elaboration of a management organization for the complex and objects
  • Calculation of Areal- and operating costs, and consultancy for the implementation of the cost optimization