The goal of the project is the establishment of an administrative centre and is part of the 2007 budget redevelopment project of the City of Winterthur. In the location evaluation phase four different locations were inspected in a feasibility study in the area management sub-project. The layouts as well as the building analyses were conclusively assessed.


  • Creation of a strategy paper space, work space, and furniture standards for a future focal point building.
  • Feasibility study of the four location options based on the strategy paper
  • Evaluation and assessment of the layout as well as the building analyses
  • Negotiations with investors and their planners
  • Evaluations of the costs of new furniture as well as the moving costs in various investment scenarios
  • Inclusion of employee development, storage and conference room needs for the departments

Customer benefits

  • Neutral analysis of the four location options
  • Detailed study of the building with comparable values
  • Foundation for city council decision on further action


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