With the opening of Müllimatt the first milestone to the realisation of the Brugg-Windisch Campus was placed. The four supporting Cantons invest considerable resources in construction projects to the benefit of FHNW. This enables learning, teaching, and research in an environment suitable for a university - or in the case of Müllimatt to be physically active.

The project is a joint effort of the Canton, the City of Brugg and the technical college and associations. The requirements of all stakeholders are to be developed in a well balanced manner based on the planning. The sports centre should be utilized to capacity and provide an optimal environment for the athletes.


  • Fiduciary consultation of the construction supervisor (investors)
  • Optimisation of the later operational procedures and costs
  • Integral assessment of the building structure / building components and building services
  • Ensuring the future building's operation
  • Evaluation / Submission of the future operator
  • Simulations
  • Investment and operating cost optimisation
  • Procurement of the operator services on the market
  • Creation of operational, occupier, and management concepts

Customer benefits

  • Ensuring professional FM operation
  • Clarity regarding the responsibility / roles of the investors, operators, occupiers and events
  • Clear settlement and payer structures
  • Early influence on the operating costs and materials
  • Creation of an economic operation for the public authorities, secure procurement