The Toni area is one of the most significant construction projects in Zurich West for the coming years and includes an investment needs in the scope of 240 to 300 million CHF. The space programm is comprised of residential, cultural, gastronomy, retail, as well as a university. The spaces are expected to be ready as of the end of July, 2014. Through the complex constellation of the future tenants the project team of the ZKB will be confronted with differing conceptual, construction and legal topics after the Allreal sale. The decisions that the project management teams has to make will have a significant impact on the later operation and use of the building. The project management of ZKB, or Allreal, decided to strengthen themselves from the construction supervision side with external experts. RESO Partners AG was asked to represent the aspects in Facility Management.


  • Fiduciary consultation of the construction supervisor
  • Conceptual and strategic consulting of the project management
  • Planning accompaniment and monitoring in the technical and logistical aspects
  • Optimisation of the later operational procedures and costs
  • Quality assurance through spot checks in planning / execution
  • Integral assessment of the building structure / building components and building services
  • Ensuring the future building operation
  • Evaluation / Submission of the future operator
  • Simulations
  • Investment and operating cost optimisation

Customer benefits

  • Construction project monitoring and realise construction optimisations with regard to FM operation
  • Operating concept
  • Sub-concepts