Passion as a factor of success

People make the difference. In additional to expert qualification and project management experience our consultants distinguish themselves with another characteristic: They take on the responsibility up to project implementation. When selecting our consultants we leave nothing to chance. All of them have a technical college degree in Facility Management or Economy, our senior consultants also have, in addition, a Master's in real estate management with proven professional experience. Our integral knowledge in technology, economy, and management and the combined experiences constantly flow into our solutions during our daily work. Our many years of experience and our field tested methodical expertise in combination with the ability to know and understand the business and the needs of the respective client, form the basis for a long-term and successful cooperation.

Our company philosophy also includes an impartial third-party view. We do not act on behalf of providers and thereby assure you an independent, neutral, and integrated consultation. We promote close collaboration with renowned universities, research and develop new methods and products on an ongoing basis, lecture on these with a practical orientation and enable university graduates, in addition securing an internship, entry into professional life.


Our clients are professional organisations who are responsible for real estate topics. These can be classic companies from SME up to publicly traded companies On the other hand these are real estate companies, funds up to private equity investors. In addition we advise bodies and structures in municipalities, cities, Cantons, and federal enterprises. With our comprehensive experience in the professionalisation of real estate portfolios we offer you a broad spectrum of consulting, development, and implementation services- transparent, with the ability to get things done, and practical- individually suited to your needs.

Trust begins with the initial contact

Already in an initial conversation with our clients we attempt to clearly identify their needs. During the exchange we demonstrate possible scenarios and procedure models; our contact person receives a direct benefit in that he receives a project timetable and project examples from similar projects.

We do not offer services which we believe we cannot render, or we look for alternatives. As a general rule a new client remains loyal to us and values our flexibility and passion for our job. In addition to the technical expertise we also demonstrate a high level of implementation expertise and also deliver guarantees for this purpose.