The RESO Partners Ltd Organisation

The name RESO Partners Ltd comes from "Real Estate" and "Site Operation" and stands for the professional, integral real estate consulting services for companies. The company offers a wide portfolio of consulting, development, and implementation services to owners, developers, and occupiers - transparent, with the ability to get things done, and practical - suited to the client's needs.

RESO Partners Ltd - Part of Drees & Sommer offers all consulting and planning services from strategic to operative real estate management. With a consistent segmentation of the services the highly specialized employees lead our clients to maximum performance. Because we understand real estate as an integral discipline we also offer all conceptual services in-house.

RESO Partners Ltd - Part of Drees & Sommer is an established Swiss consulting and service company for integral real estate management for companies as well as for the public sector. Our core competencies include consulting services around

  • Real Estate and Facility Management Consulting
  • Project accompanying Facility Management
  • strategic area management

In Switzerland RESO belongs to the leading real estate optimizers and is the industry leader in strategic FM consulting, implementation of integral FM solutions, project accompanying FM with creation of business management concepts and conducting FM submissions.

RESO Partners Ltd - Part of Drees & Sommer

Questions around real estate are very fragmented. For this reason RESO offers highly specialised companies with a clear segmentation. Within the company we offer the employees interesting development opportunities and can, in this way, make highly specialised know-how available to our clients. In particular, RESO Partners Ltd - Part of Drees & Sommer advises its clients in the view of real estate development. On the one band through the improvement of the cash flow situation, and on the other hand in the exhaustion of the performance of a property. RESO Datamind LLC is the data hub for all projects and has at it's command highly compressed data from countless projects. Likewise, the company implements Business Excellence Solutions in data management for the client.

offconsult Ltd plans and realises the most modern workspace concepts. The overall spectrum ranges from simple layout planning to complete realisation and planing through execution of interior fittings for spaces. All companies act transparently and are completely neutral. With Office LAB the group has a physical networking and experience platform around the workplace. Innovations are tested, studies created and presented. Clients simulate their new spaces - the perfect solution for optimal planning and the incorporation of Change Management topics.

Our locations

RESO Partners Ltd - Part of Drees & Sommer acts as a strong local partner in which the regions are looked after by location managers. The most important types of services are set up as the Centre of Competence. In doing so methods, instruments, data, and experiences are uniformly structured and are available to all locations. With the introduction of Business Process Management a very high level of service and quality is ensured with all clients.

What differentiates us from the market:

Success trough passion:

Our mission to the client is Programme in daily life

"Real Estate and People in Rhythm and Harmony": It is the interaction of real estate cycles and congruent strategy that bring properties to a position of success so that we can fulfil our service promise to our clients again and again.