Management Consulting services encompass not so much the object itself but instead strategy, organisation, and processes around real estate management. Business economists with additional training in Real Estate Management are your project partners.


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Business and Organisation Development

As a highly specialized consulting company for questions in real estate management we support and consult public and private organisations in the strategic direction of their real estate organisation. Tested and often standardized models enable efficient project management. In doing so the client profits from the latest developments and solutions which continually flow in through best practice approaches.

Business Case

We prepare decision-making criteria for the decision-making bodies. In doing so we are mindful of the structured assessment of the current situation from diverse points of view such as finances, organisation/people, processes, services, contracts, areas and building data. We model scenarios, assess and prepare proposals for solutions. The documents serve as a decision-making basis for management, executive boards, or as a basis for public votes.

Coaching & Management Support

We support our client in his/her everyday business or in project activities. In the event of a client's high workload we support with qualified expert personnel depending on the situation and the time. On one hand we offer expert support for real estate questions and can support the client in making in their decision-making. The implementation then lies internally, no costly consulting expenses are incurred and the client still profits from the know-how. On a personal level the client can exchange ideas and receives a sparring partner in difficult situations. Management and Leadership Topics are handled confidentially and personally.

Business Process Management

In collaboration with the client we analyse the Real Estate Processes and optimize these with regard to the area of activity, responsibility and interfaces. With the help of our internal know-how and many years of experience in real estate processes we prepare solutions optimally suited to the organisation. In doing so, standardised processes, the reduction of interfaces and, when possible, automated processes, represent added value for our clients.