We process conceptual questions which are relevant in the operations phase around Life Cycle Management. Our methods and instruments are highly standardized and enable effective and cooperative planning and realisation services.

Project accompanying FM and the big picture

A substantial factor of success for the implementation of a sustainable real estate Life Cycle Management is the planning and construction accompanying Facility Management (pfFM). The integration of services of the planning and construction accompanying Facility Management in the course of the project is of particular importance with regard to the later management of real estate. In this way the foundation for optimal operation can be laid early on and the requirements of the construction supervisor and later users can already be defined in strategically important planning phases and transferred into the project.

BIM and the implementation of their desires and requirements

In this process the application of BIM models and BIM processes (Building Information Modelling) plays a significant role in the structuring and depiction of the complex requirements and desires of the construction supervisor and the later users. Not least, in addition to the planning and construction process a targeted start-up management is followed by RESO which ensures a smooth transition from construction to operation of your property.

Sustainably and life-cycle oriented - your real estate as the focal point

The operation and the value preservation of a property require a complex planning and construction process which must be guided by a structured Life-Cycle Management. We have therefor set the goal of making our projects sustainable and to develop them with foresight and to promote the optimization of the later operation of the property early on.

Life-cycle costs under control: so that your property remains attractive

The life-cycle of your property is constantly subjected to changes to which you must react professionally and with foresight. With a structured planning and construction accompanying FM it is possible to optimize the later (Life Cycle) costs (LCC) of the operation already in the early planning phases, and to maintain a sustainably developed property over the entire life cycle that does not lose efficiency through unnecessary rescheduling after commissioning of the building.