Facility Management Consulting influences the FM structure of an organization. In doing so, internal as well as external solutions are optimized and continuously adjusted according to the needs. We support caring for, and cultivating, your facilities (properties in the real estate field) so that this strains your budget as little as possible and delivers a maximum contribution to your company results. Our approach distinguishes itself with a comprehensive view of all company levels, with a simultaneous focus on the unit to be examined. Our structured process with analysis, design, and concept phase, ensure that our consult is efficient and comprehensive.


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Facility Management

Efficient operation of a property demands solid expert knowledge in vary different fields of expertise and can no longer be ensured by individuals. RESO offers a wide range of experience in the structuring and building of operator organizations. Well-tested instruments for analysis enable a quick assessment of operator organisations and display potential areas for improvement. The careful implementation of the concepts established ensures a sustainable achievement of the desired goals. Essential Departments are:

• Business Management / Property Management
• Operation and Maintenance of Technology and Building
• FM services and FM services for the operation Phase
• Project Management and Support

Integrated Facility Management

Even with the use of commercial real estate property services are comprehensive and often complex. We specialize in the implementation of overall solutions, in doing so we implement national and worldwide Integrated FM solutions at enterprises starting with SME up to international corporate groups. With our many years of experience with large and complex projects the client receives access to multifaceted approaches and also an implementation competency through our experienced employees. RESO Partners - Part of Drees & Sommer publishes a market study every 2nd year on the (IFM) providers across multiple European countries.

Procurement Management & Sourcing

We optimize the cost situation regardless of the internal and external service providers. Together with the client we develop the strategic guidelines and direct the organisation in the strategic success position. In the design of the interface between In-house services and the purchase of services we carefully develop the interfaces so that the control and monitoring functions are always guaranteed. We operate solely as a service buyer and do not accept any contracts from service providers. Using standardized processes we can demonstrate very high quality and have been a market leader for years with regard to procurement management. Our market inquiries display a high level of consistency, additional demands are significantly reduced.